Custom-made electric ducted fans

Custom-made electric powerplants from throttle to prop

Our ElectroDuct electric ducted fans are suitable for experimental manned or unmanned aircraft of all sizes. They particularly excel when you need VTOL or ESTOL performance. Whether you are designing an electric air taxi, personal air vehicle, existing light aircraft conversion, or a heavy UAV, we can custom-make the powerplant for your specific needs.

We start by providing a preliminary assessment consulting service to estimate your performance requirements. Depending on your application, and whether you need VTOL capability, we will recommend fitting your aircraft with between one and twelve ElectroDucts (most commonly eight for ingestion redundancy on VTOL aircraft). Our team of aerospace, mechatronic, and electonic engineers will run the numbers and give you an objective estimate of what's possible.

If you wish to proceed, we then custom design the powerplant, build it, test it, and ship it to you OR you can bring your aircraft to our workshop (Perth, Australia) and we can fit it and test it here. We are capable of rapid prototyping and will work with you at every step to optimise the powerplant for your mission. We want you to think of us as your powerplant partners.

Our technology combines expertise in ducted fan aerodynamic optimisation, efficient electric propulsion systems, and composite manufacturing. The result is that we are able to provide self-contained, modular, high performance propulsion units incorporating the duct, propeller, motor, controller, batteries and BMS - that is, everything from the throttle to the prop.
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