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Eletro.aero History


2017 April - Presented patent pending ElectroDucts at Sustainable Aviation Symposium
2017 January - Completed strategic investment in Trek Aerospace, obtaining 26% share ownership, further bolstering collaboration opportunities
2016 October - Developed automated booking system for Rottnest Air-Taxi at Rottnest.Aero in preperation for commercializing electric Air-Taxis
2016 July - Signed agreement with AEAC to become Sun Flyer distributor for Asia Pacific
2016 June - Raised seed capital and established preeminent team
2016 May - FlyKart maiden flight testing and presented at Electric Aircraft Symposium
2015 - Signed up to represent Pipistrel's Electro series of aircraft in Australia
2014 - Western Australian entrepreneur Joshua Portlock founded Electro.Aero Pty Ltd

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Key Partners

  • Partners Nasa Electro.aero
  • Partners Zeva Eletro.aero
  • Partners Bye Aerospace Eletro.aero
  • Partners Trek Aero Eletro.aero
  • Partners Pipistrel Eletro.aero
  • Partners ES Aero Electro.aero

Our Team

  • Angus Hatton

    Angus Hatton

  • Frank Stynman

    Frank Stynman

  • Richard Charlton

    Richard Charlton

  • Ian Hooper

    Ian Hooper

  • Steve Gates

    Steve Gates

  • Marcus Pham

    Marcus Pham

  • Joshua Portlock

    Joshua Portlock

  • Dagogo Altraide

    Dagogo Altraide

  • Eric Metrot

    Eric Metrot

  • Felicity Kalinowski

    Felicity Kalinowski

  • Paul Dewar

    Paul Dewar

  • Carina Fu

    Carina Fu

  • Samuel Chandra

    Samuel Chandra

  • Daniel Warren

    Daniel Warren

  • Brad Samers

    Brad Samers

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